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  Your Choice for Outstanding and Affordable Hearing Healthcare

  • Audiological Evaluations                                                          
  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment (non-medical)                           
  • Workers' Compensation/Legal/Disability  

  •  Otoacoustic Emissions Testing (OAE)

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations/Consultations

  • Digital Hearing Aids in All Sizes and Levels of Technology

  • LACE (Listening & Communication Enhancement Training)

  • Hearing Aid Repair and Service

  • Assistive Listening Devices

  • Swim Plugs- Custom and Instant

  • Custom Earmolds for iPods,  BlueTooth devices

  • Musicians Earplugs and Monitors

  • Hearing Protection (custom and stock) for hunting and industry

Watch this short video & learn about Lace!
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Early Signs of Hearing Loss

People sound like they are mumbling or their voices are muffled.

Difficulty following conversation in small groups.

More difficulty understanding women and children than men.

Turning the TV volume louder than other family members.

Difficulty hearing in church, meetings, restaurants, automobiles, etc.

Ringing in the ear(s) when no external sound is present (tinnitus).

Hearing but not "understanding".  

                            Your choice for outstanding and affordable hearing healthcare!

Do you have difficulty hearing in noisy environments? 
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